A propos du projet

Massoud, a young and open-minded student works as a tourist guide in his spare time. He is passionate about culture and art. He is the only son of Barkaye, a respected and tolerant Imam of a small village community in the Sahel region.

His life will be turned upside down by the daily injustices he sees in his native region. The insecurity is getting out of hand. The straw that broke the camel’s back will be the tragic killing of a close friend by the security forces. Little by little, Massoud gets radicalized and his discourse changes. His love affair with Flora, a journalist who came from Europe to investigate terrorism in the Sahel takes a hit, because of his growing interest in radical teachings. Massoud ends up joining a terrorist movement. The two lovers lose all contact, until the day he discovers Flora, kidnapped and jailed in one of the terrorist camp’s cells along with other European nationals.

Day after day, attacks against civilians and security forces are organized and perpetrated by the terrorist leader and his henchmen. Under the cover of Islamism, the latter maintains various traffics with the help of Pascal, a European adventurer and former member of the special services. Pascal happens to find out that Flora, the journalist, is his natural daughter whom he conceived during one of his missions in the Sahel.

Paranoid and malicious, the terrorist leader Abdoulaye suspects Massoud’s father of providing information to the security forces. He doesn’t like the moderate speech of the imam who condemns in his sermons the attacks and the recruitment of young terrorists. The imam is a true advocate of tolerance, and gets more and more in the way of the radical terror movements.
One day, Abdoulaye decides to carry out an attack on the mosque and eliminate the moderate imam. It is to Massoud that he entrusts this task to eliminate his father.

Will Massoud accomplish his mission?