A propos du projet

Omowale is a 29 year old, friendly, father of one, who lives with his daughter, Ada. One day Omowale hears chanting outside his house. They start throwing bricks and petrol bombs at his house. Knowing he would be attacked if he went outside, Omowale decides to stay indoors and protect himself and his daughter.

Omowale locks his daughter in the bathroom and tells her to stay in the bathtub full of water. A petrol bomb goes through his window and burns the majority of his living room. He attempts to take out the fire using tap water but the fire is too strong. With dwindling hopes of survival, he sits in the bathtub with his daughter, they both crouch in the bathtub playing with rubber ducks as he tries to look calm for her. Just when they start coughing from the smoke reaching the bathroom, firefighters break in and pull them out.

While lying down next to the fire truck, conscious and waiting for paramedics, he notices his friend and housemate, Thabiso, amidst the mob. Although he knows Thabiso is there to protect himself, he feels betrayed.

Despite the paramedic’s efforts to stop him, he confronts the mob about their actions. Realising the damage that has already been done, Omowale demands that they finish him off.