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Benedicte GAUTHIER

Benedicte GAUTHIER

Benedicte Gauthier, born in France , has participated in the production of films in France and the United states during the last 10 years. She got involved in fine Art, independent filmmaking, art videos, and as she became  more experienced she felt compelled to take Cinema studies, which led her to get a major in cinema production in 2001 at the University Paris VIII in France.

She directed numerous films, most notably BROKEN SOLDIER, and KELLER STREET, and  Co- directed critically acclaimed INTERSECTIONS: NEW YORK with her sister, Emmanuelle Most recently she directed a documentary on The Peace University in Costa Rica ,Titled : IMAGINING PEACE, and also she directed a Doc on Pop Artist ULTRA VIOLET.

In February 2006 she participated in an Art group show at Westbeth Gallery currated by Gregory Moss .  In March 2006 for the DIVA Art Fair in NYC , she presented new bodies of works  comprising of a new Art video titled:NIGHT AND DAY , along with new paintings and

photographs. She participated at Diva with the gallery :Intersectionsnewyorkpresents with artists  Dennis Oppenheim and Emmanuelle Gauthier

Her video about Ultra Violet is part of the exhibition, opening october 10th 2006, at the Kampa Museum in Prague , video played along with the great artists Andy Warhol, Sol Lewitt, Pierre Alechinsky, Ultra Violet.

She Has currently some Art videos being played at Scope London , part as the new Pam project with Lee Wells. For more infos please visit

Her Videos were played as well at the July Scope Art fair event taking place in the Hamptons She currently works on a film about the talented photographer Rick Castro co director with Bruce La Bruce of the acclaimed film “Hustler White” with Tony Ward , 1995, about street boys in LA

The film received countless attention and many awards.  Bene has been really active following on the Tracks of Intersections:New York

interviewing , visiting Artists studios , documenting the vibrant downtown art scene with her  videos portraits She was part of a residency at the Watermill center with Cave Gallery documenting Butoh dancers. She shows her work regularly with Intersections Gallery , Perpetual Art Machine , and is part of various  exhibitions and art fairs. She s currently working on a film project with Victoria Neel and Showing her paintings all July 2014 , 13 rue d’ Ormesson, 75004 Paris at Jb Galerie along with Victoria Neel the exhibition is called

“les oiseaux sans ciel , Requiem des Fous”  ” Animaux Fantastiques , Chouettes et compagnie “

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