A propos du projet

A lying scary woman in the grass with horrific injuries is left for dead in the open wild of Djouanke runs by rebels.
It is actually a trick she’s using to fool one the rebel named Mano to get her all the way through the rebel’s checkpoint to the hospital where she’s secretly looking for blood bags for her daughter’s transfusion Bayi, dying at Konde’s nursery.

With the nurse Camilla’s help, she gets the blood bags and sneaks away on her way back home before getting stopped by Gomez, rebels big boss, making her leaving empty handed.

Back in her hometown the scary woman decides to sacrifice her health by giving half of her blood to save her daughter.

When Bayi rises, her mother is in a very bad blood condition. Once Bayi gets the full story of her mother’s journey in Djouake, she decides to take her chance back there using her own trick to get to Gomez and bring back the blood bags to save her mother.