A propos du projet

A woman marries a rich property guru but after a while she finds that this is not for her. She is a strong professional woman an accountant even though originating and migrating from abroad to the United Kingdom after marriage she finds her British rich husband too dominating. She feels that he does not lavish his wealth on her enough even though he carries all her living expenses.

She also finds that her husband’s family have an eye on his wealth so she decides the best option is to either kill the man so she can have all he has or get a divorce. She wants the money. She knows that because of the length of her marriage and the fact that she has two children for her husband she will get at least half of her husband’s wealth under English law. Unfortunately for her she cannot get him killed.

So she files for divorce. This film will narrate the process of the marriage and divorce and the fight over money.

At the end of the day the woman finds out that all her husband’s assets have devalued due to an economic crisis and that she will get nothing.

It becomes too late to get her husband back because she has kicked him out by court order and filed for divorce. She only finds out about her husband’s financial state after a decree nisi (notice of entitlement to divorce) had been pronounced by the court.

The court finalise the divorce and orders her to get just the roof over her head and a minimum monthly payment. Even the roof over her head is not hers because the bank who secure the mortgage over the matrimonial home refuse to enforce the court’s financial order for the divorce settlement for technical reasons. This leaves the woman devastated.